Storing Jewelry Aboard

One consideration when living aboard is that my home always moves. Everything needs to be stored in a place where slight movements will not cause damage. I remember being at a home decor party and the hostess was encouraging (okay, she was pestering) me about entering a contest for a beautiful glass vase. I politely declined, changed the direction of the conversation, and ignored her many times with a smile. Eventually, after another push to buy something, I told her that lived on a boat, and glass vases and boats do not go together. Everyone laughed, and the party moved on. Anything we buy is of a material that will not likely break and requires very little "checking-on".

Some items require a bit of organizational planning, like jewelry. The best way, I've found, to store my jewels, rings, and earrings, is to use a cross stitch thread box. Each of the little square areas is perfect for the jewelry I keep. Rings can go in one, a necklace in another, earrings in a third... And, the top of the case closes tightly so even if I store the box on it's side, the jewelry doesn't shift out of it's compartment. Additionally, traveling is easy because I can just take the entire box with me (regardless if I'm going to use everything or not). It's a really easy and clean way to store jewelry.