My Love of Pop and Books

Relaxing in the airport waiting on a plane to take me home after a short visit with my grandpa. Shortly after my grandma passed, he had a stroke and he's been living with assistance ever since. I found a cheap ticket and realized a visit was due. I find that I get really sentimental and weepy when I come - memories flood my heart and I realize how lucky I am to have had such great family which has loved me so much. It's hard to see my Pop slowing down and have difficulty communicating with me; when he says, though, "I love you" and grabs my hand it takes everything I have not to erupt with emotion.

Pop, me, and my mama
A beneficial visit it was (short but sweet) and now I find myself in the airport, thankful for the trip and something more commercial - a new book.

On the way down, I finished the first library book I've borrowed in a long time. Back to the boat means back to the library because books are heavy (especially "those hardcovers" my husband says!). I read "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" on the way down, and I splurged on the above for the way home - "The End of Your Life Book Club".  I'd been wanting to read both (if you haven't had Polio or other serious diseases, you have to thank Henrietta Lacks). I love that the book above has uneven page edges. That's not why I bought it, but I just love when books do this : )

I'm a book reader and a "Kindle-tryer". I love books in my hand, I love to go back through the pages, peek at the last page, highlight and circle on the pages, and espeically hand the finished book to a good friend who I think will also love the read like it did. I think I can have both in my boat life, I just have to assure my "weight-concious" hubby that books are either from the library or in transit.


  1. Are you passage making? If so, and you're traveling south on down to the Keys you'll find most marinas have trading libraries. Take a book, leave a book type of libraries. I started out w lots of books on board, now I really only have cookbooks and knitting books

    1. Hi Marji,
      No, we are docked at our home slip while my husband and I still work. Our marina is in need of some updating, and a little library exchange would be something I'd love to have (or start) once there's room. Maybe in our marina office...I'll look into it. I go to our local library for books and occassionally purchase one that I really "need" and can share with others.
      Take care,