New Door

It's a wonderful thing to be married to a handy-man, but additionally fantastic is having a really handy father-in-law. We've had a few boat projects that needed to be completed ASAP, and my father-in-law has been a major assistance in getting a few things in order. Being back on the boat puts us only 10 minutes away from my in-laws, which is wonderful. We find that we stop in more often and they can visit on a whim, as well. And, when projects need to be done, it's a quick trip for my father-in-law to come over to build or inspect : )

We were in need of doors for the entryway. Our previous boat (like our current one) had slats that needed to be taken out in order to exit. I have become quite proficient in some jump-ups (jumping and pushing myself up and over the slats) but having doors is such a better feature. I told my father-in-law that he made a lifelong dream come true - I did always want french doors in any home that I lived in. Now that my home is a boat, these are perfect! The bay window.... not sure if that's doable.

From inside, we have three latches that allow us to secure the doors. There's also weatherstripping that my husband placed around the frame so that we are minimizing draftiness. The overhead sliding hatch fits perfectly over and to the outside of the two doors, which provides even more stability to the doors.

From the outside, our pooch has become quite proficient at jumping over the entrance onto the first step inside. That's proven to be wonderful especially on muddy or snowy days - the first step becomes a paw-cleaning platform before we allow him to run around.

It's a great addition : )


  1. Wow! Actually living in a boat is a unique experience! How has it been? Anyway, most fathers are really great handymen. I remember my old man always working on almost everything around our house. I wish I could’ve inherited that skill from him. Anyways, your new door looks good.

    Barrett Elmore

  2. Hi Barrett,
    We LOVE living aboard. Were in a brand new house for 1 1/2 years and found that we missed the simplicity, being outside, and being able to shove off for a few days whenever we like. The dog hated it at first (he was a pup when we lived aboard the first time, but loved the couches and pillows of the house). He's gotten better :)
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment!