Weekend of Good Food and Friends

This weekend was a big one. Lots to do, many people to see, and much fun to be had.

Our marina, picture taken by my hubby.
Sadly, Friday began with a funeral for a close family friend. An Air Force veteran, life-long farmer, past community leader, and dedicated husband and father - his farewell was impressive and so honorable. We are blessed to call his family our friends, and being able to be there to talk and laugh and ease some of the hurt, I am grateful for that.

Saturday was a wedding celebration for another set of close friends, who are set to marry in May. A couples' shower it was and the food, desserts, and company was wonderful. Late into Saturday night there were laughs (and dancing!) - so much excitement for the big day to come.

Pastry plates from our local pasty shop - Yum!
 And, Sunday, after sleeping in (and wearing off all of the fun had the night before) we ended up back at the party house for oysters (caught fresh by a local young man) and party leftovers. Living in the country has many benefits, but one especially is the kindness of our neighbors. The young man mentioned is a favorite person of ours. In the winter, he calls us to share his extra venison and in the warmer months, oysters are plenty.  Trying to set a price with him is difficult. On the phone, my husband said, "We'll give you $40," to which the young man replied, "Ah, how about $10?" My husband laughed, telling him that he is negotiating the wrong way. At the pickup we gave him $30 and he took it only because I told him that he should use it to take his new girlfriend to the movies. This young man would give us an abundant amount of food and services without ever thinking to ask to be paid - his kindness is incredibly generous. One example of the values that still do exist in families and it warms my heart.

So, food! On Sunday we had oysters baked with onion, cheese, bacon... and then all the leftovers from the party. I did make the majority of the food for the shower at the host's house earlier in the day; however, these all can be made aboard. The food is easy and so tasty - honestly, on Sunday, the food tasted better.

Skinny Shrimp Salsa is by Gina at Skinny Taste. This salsa is easy and fresh and is a perfect companion to tortilla chips. On Sunday, we warmed corn tortillas, filled them with leftover salsa and topped with some sharp cheddar cheese. Yum!

My 5th loaf of bread using the WryGrass recipe - So good.
To go with the chili, I made three loaves of the Easiest Bread You'll Ever Make, which was posted by Candice over at Wry Grass. So good - I'm always wanting to make bread but I trip up in the process (not sure what I do wrong). My fears were conquered with this recipe - you simply use flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and then mix with 12 oz of any beer. Bake for 40 minutes and enjoy. Each of the three loaves that I made were made with varying beers; the different tastes were unique and enjoyable.

Another appetizer was Alouette's Spinach and Artichoke Crab Dip. For this, using soft spinach and artichoke cheese with the crab makes for a sweet dip. A bit thin, I think using fat-free milk is what caused the lack of thickness; but, warmed up the following day, broiled with some sharp cheddar on top, it was wonderful. A really good dip (just use the full boar milk when you try it).

Thankful for a great weekend with family and friends; in light of the passing of a close friend, we are even more thankful for the days we continue to have with our friends and family, the liveaboard life that we so enjoy each day, and for the health that enables us to do all that we do. Now, as I sit and down multiple cups of chai tea to get ready for a new week, I hope that anyone reading this has a wonderful week and may you each capture the blessings that each day brings to you.

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  1. Oh My Goodness, those pastries look amaaaazing!

    ...and I am so very sorry to read that you lost someone close to you.

    Life is strange that way, isn't it? A mix of sweetness and sadness...Candice