Recipe: Scrambled Eggs

I have cooked scrambled eggs for years. Yet, it wasn't until I finally purchased the Boat Galley's Cookbook, that I learned that adding a bit of baking powder to the egg mix creates a fluffy, wonderful breakfast. Not sure if you knew this, and if not, here's my adaptation of the Boat Galley's reccomended scrambled eggs. (Which are captain-approved.)

Scrambled Eggs for One
Adapted from The Boat Galley Cookbook

1 egg + 2 egg whites
1 tbsp cold water
A pinch of baking powder
teaspoon of cooking oil
Optional: toppings (see below)

1. Whisk together all above ingredients in a bowl.

2. If using optional cheese, add cheese into egg mixture.

3. Add the oil to a cooking pan on the stove, and over medium heat allow oil to warm.

4. Once a few drops of water "dance" in the oil, add in any optional meat or add-ins that you like and cook for a few minutes.

5. Add to the pan the egg mixture, and stir regularly - moving around the cooked egg and what still needs to be cooked.

6. When all egg mixture is fluffy and cooked, serve hot.

Optional add-ins that we enjoy:
  • Ham and cheese (any cheese is good with ham)
  • Ham, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese

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