And this one's just right!

One nice boat had a single aft cabin that located directly under the cockpit. My first thought was - Bang! - when waking quickly and sitting up after a crazy dream. Another was without shower (not a problem for me) which for my husband is a non-negotiable. A hot shower aboard in the winter is a great experience for him. A third boat had an engine with low hours, was in our price range, had the creature comforts we both wanted but the lack of care over the years and the dreadful cushion fabric didn't sit well with me. I understood that buying a boat at the price we wanted would mean compromise and clean-up but the boat just didn't feel right.

Truth be told, I also wasn't 100% about moving aboard again. I like my house, bathtub, backyard, big tv, sewing room, etc. I like having my family come to stay with me and being able to have breakfast together. There's things that are really nice to have.

With a long, good talk with a friend, I came to think realistically about the divergent path that lay ahead.  I read a statement about when you want something, it's good to think about how many hours of your life that thing will cost you (if it's $90, how many hours of work is that?)   The house is a thing, it will cost 30 years of working. Additionally, my family visits only a few times a year. Being aboard again means that living with one income is feasible. One job means that we can travel more (to see my family) and we have a way to travel on the water. The path toward the boat is more about experience and meaning. Once I decided on that path, things started to fall into place. Steps in the process have occurred seamlessly - including finding our  boat.

She has creature comforts (including a place to store my sewing machine and a drop down salon table that is big enough to sew on). The cushions are a cool blue and in great condition. One thing we really liked about this boat is that she's ready for us to move aboard :) No scrubbing with Grease Lighting or immediate cushion replacement.

The galley has a drop down refrigerator, a compartment for a trash basket, a gas stove, and lots of storage. Underway, the tightness of the galley's space will assist me in successfully making sandwiches. In some boats, the galley is wide open and it's difficult to stay in one place. I agree with my mom who loves the way canisters can sit down along the perimeter of the galley. I can have one to store our tea, our sugar, our flour, our quinoa and rice. This will allow me to continue shopping locally at the health food store where I can buy the amount that I need - not a big box that would have to find its own place to live.

Another major like about this boat was that she is lined with wood inside. Our last boat had a liner that quickly could be overrun with mold or dirt. The wood makes it feel like home and it's a breeze to take care of. In each of the berths, we have ample storage in hanging lockers and drawers. This will assist with work clothes and accessories. Everything will have its own place.

No picture for this, but the head has a shampoo and conditioner dispenser. We can squirt our hair items in there instead of having to store big bottles. The owners of this boat really did a nice job of taking care of her for us. I look forward to continuing the job.

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  1. I love the layout of your galley - we're currently in the process of redesigning ours into a u shaped as well. I'm getting excited! Love the idea of the back container storage area as well.