Survey and Renters

Tonight the husband uses up my Marriott points to stay free overnight in order to sleep well and arrive on time for the boat survey, tomorrow morning.  Our soon-to-be boat is located about four hours north of us, so the husband will drive up tonight, have hotel waffles for breakfast, and participate in the survey and sea trial. We are hopeful that all is well, especially the engine. One of the considerations of this boat is that she has over 3000 hours on the engine. Everything else looks good, but we believe that we are able to offer and get accepted at a lower price because of the engine hours. We can work on the engine in the future, should it sound and run well right now.

My job has been advertising and communicating with possible renters for our townhouse. So far, two have really shown interest to learn more about the house. Some anxiety has attacked thinking of myself becoming a landlord, especially working through lease and application documents. I do not like and avoid conflict, so I've been praying to St. Anthony (the saint/finder of lost things) ... St. Anthony, St. Anthony, St. Anthony, Please find good people who are the right people to rent our house. Mabye he's already sent them. We'll see.

Feel very blessed, though, that we are underway on this new life and adventure. As a good friend of mine says, you just never know what's around the corner. Keep your eyes and your heart open. Things arrive when you need them.

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