Looking out for Ms. Right

Our trip to see a possible liveaboard boat was successful. The boat we looked at needs a lot of work, but for a low price we could take on that work and be able to afford it. There is rot beneath the floorboards, the boat desperately needs new cushions, there are some chain plate and upper deck issues, and the teak inside is thirsty for some TLC. We made an offer that we think is fair, considering the time, work and money that we would have to invest into the boat to get her where we need her to be. We're just waiting on the owner's response.

My favorite characteristic of this boat is the onboard liquor and wine cabinet.

As we wait for the offer's response, we are still looking for other options. I have a few things that I like to see in other possibilities.

I like newer cushions.

I also like a clean head. This one, below, has a separate little area for the shower. I like that.

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