Dog Knows Best

Sleeping in? Doesn't exist for me. I have a dog who likes to take me for walks on the weekends; today
our paws were on the ground at 6:45 am. We start in the boat yard, sniffing around, and then head out to the main road. It's funny because every morning the sights are the same, but watching how my dog sniffs and behaves, it's like he's seeing new things each time. Such is why he's so excited to get up and outside each morning.  And, as tough as it is some mornings to hop out of bed and start the day, taking our one-mile neighborhood walk is something that I never regret; as the dog does, I get a lot out of being outside before everyone else. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Our neighbors have daffodils that bloom on schedule each spring. I think the dog would just lay right down in the middle of them, if he could.

On the corner, there's the remnants of the old neighborhood post office. Our area used to be bustling with business and activity all centered on what the water provided - crabs, oysters, fish. Although we still have a few restaurants (and the marina where we live), the big business has left and local waterman and their charter boats remain.

We walk on and enjoy the quietness of the morning, the crispness of spring air, and the little bit of warmth the sun gives. I understand how some discuss the power of walking meditation because on this stretch, I do a lot of thinking and relaxings. It's a great place to be at the start, or end, of a day.

Sadly, there's a lot of litter that collects on the main road. I'll be putting on some gloves soon and taking a walk with a garbage bag; blaming others doens't effect change, so I'll help clean up and maybe post some "Please don't  litter" signs. Can't hurt.

On our way back in the marina, it's cool to notice the spring presence of the ospreys. They have placed their nests in highest spots, and we've been able to see them flying with large sticks and branches in their clutch, collecting pieces for the home they make for spring babies. One nest, each year, is in the center of the marina crane (which cannot move because of the nest), and all over in the trees we'll see the watchers - day and night.

Fuzzy picture, but shows our osprey night watch.
I settle in to the boat and make breakfast and some coffee then cover up with my quilt and hop online to catch up and complete some online class work. Eddie, our dog, stays outside in the cockpit and remains part of the morning crowd - the bird screeches and chirps are constant until late morning and our neighbors begin to move about on and off their boats. Spring means leaving the hatch doors open so I can be part of it too, and at this point I'm thankful that my dog knows how much I need the early morning walks - they truly do soothe my soul and help me to be incredibly thankful for this type of life I've been given. I wish you all the same this weekend.

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