No coffee?

I like to live my life as if things are secondary. One of my favorite reminders is one from Suze Orman - "People first, money second, and things last". As much as I pride myself on being a somewhat advanced (per my own designation) spiritual person, when I open up the cupboard on a Saturday morning when the dog wanted a walk at 0630, not having coffee in the cabinet really puts my spiritual ego in check.

So on goes the bra, the jeans, I wash my face and brush my teeth. It's up into town I go. Do I really need coffee? No, I don't need it, but this morning my wanting was so bad that it became as close to a need as possible. It is interesting how we notice how much we enjoy things when we don't have them, and we realize how dependent we actually are (subsitute the "we's" in the sentence with "I's").

And, now, being here with you (computer) sipping my sweet Starbucks via coffee, I'm back to my simple, nature-inspired self. I'm happy that I did make the trip, though, as our local farmer's market is now open on Saturdays. I was able to pick up some local meats (I chose the goat burger and some beef sweet sausages) that I can use in dinners this week, and I found some homemade soap that I will enjoy during my morning showers. In one of my last Green Grab Bags, I was given some natural vanilla soap and I really loved it. In the past, I've always showered with liquid soap and a "poof", but trying the bar soap was lovely, and I'm excited to have something new to use.

Ah, so that's my morning.  Hope you can relax and enjoy your weekend and haven't also run out of anything that is more important than you realize. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday.

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  1. I can sooooo relate to the morning coffee addiction. I keep an extra bag of Peet's in the cupboard so I won't run out, did that once and it wasn't pretty! I had to laugh when I read post for probably tomorrow or Wed has coffee as a side subject...great minds!