One of the most common questions for a liveaboard is, "What do you do when storms come?" Just as one would do when living on land, we secure anything that might blow away, make sure that the dwelling is closed up, and we get inside just before the storm hits (as we've been outside watching it's approach for a while).

Last night was the second time since we've been back aboard that a big storm traveled over us. Just as I did when I was a little girl, I watched for a while the sky darken, the lightning in the distance, and stood up outside in the big gusts of cool wind that raced through our part of the marina. For me, there's something so incredible about the power and size of a big storm; maybe I realize my small presence and consequently, the small-ness of my issues, problems, and worries? I may subconciously recognize that there are forces larger than life?

Whatever it is, I'm in awe of storms and being aboard during one is an experience. One of my favorite aspects of life aboard is how we always know and can feel the presence of the weather outside. We really are right in the middle of whatever is happening, and that's pretty cool. This makes me feel so connected to nature, and with that comes a responsibility to pay more attention to the weather, and prepare accordingly.

When we answer the question, "What do you do when...", we're able to give a simple answer because it really is similar to having a house. We put away what can blow away, my husband secures our dwelling (that includes tightening up or doubling the lines that hold us to the pier), and then we stand outside until the last possible moment. Inside, we cuddle up, watch a movie, and get rocked to sleep. It's great.

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