Destination: Onancock, VA

I Googled destinations on the Chesapeake Bay, and this led me to discovering Onancock, VA - a place that has become one of our favorite cruising destinations. Onancock sits at the end of Onancock Creek, on the lower Eastern Shore of Virginia. The town is charming, friendly, quaint, and always provides a backdrop for a lovely, relaxing getaway. 

We highly recommend the restaurant at the wharf, Mallard's, and if you're able to hang out for live music with their musical chef, Johnny Mo, you're in for a treat. Just make sure that you do not partake in any free shots should they be giving them away. I think the ones we welcomed (multiple times) were called kamikazes, and the name is not a coincidence. I think I walked into a fly trap that night....

View from the Onancock Wharf Marina, from our slip.

View of the walk downtown

Notice the jewels hot glued to the window - just a touch a fancy that you'll find all over this town.

We were lucky to get to shop the market; we found lovely desserts and some great all-natural repellents and soap.

We did partake in a weekend night show at the local theater; but, did not find out about the Int'l Film No (??)

Our dog promptly tried to introduce himself to this pooch (aka, sniffed the backside); disappointed that it was not alive.

Even the pooch loves coming to Onancock.

Our crew tried out paddle boarding - successfully, I might add. They were a bunch of naturals.

Still happy to be here.....

No better way to relax - standard rum and cokes, and Chaco tan lines on the feet. Marks of a productive trip!


  1. SUCH a fun trip - maybe Memorial Day 2014 another visit to this wonderful town!

  2. So enjoyed this tour. Wonderful photos!