Merry Christmas!

It's been a wonderful Christmas, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to come home for the holiday week. My brother recently bought an adorable house, so my husband, pooch, and I decided to make our home base here. Not only am I incredibly impressed with my little brother's decorating skills (who knew?!?), but he has been an absolutely great host, and having Christmas here with our entire family was a blast.

Was so happy that my little brother had a Christmas tree up and ready for our arrival. 

My husband said that this stress-free week made this the best Christmas he ever had, and he also praised the loveliness of the indoor plumbing system (i.e., shower and toilet). When you live aboard, these land-lubber everyday conveniences are a special treat. As is being able to let the dog out in the morning to run around in the backyard on his own, making a quick cup of coffee, a dishwasher, a big tv with cable, etc. The biggest treat, though, is just being able to spend time with family which doesn't happen often enough.

Hoping that you all had a wonderful holiday and with continue to do so through the New Year. Best wishes!

One of our marina friends had his own Christmas tree poised on his boat.

A full size kitchen means I could try out creative breakfast - heart cinnamon rolls (one does look like an insect, though...)

Brother braved the northern cold to deep fry a turkey! Impressive.

I contributed appetizers - cranberry nut brie, spinach artichoke dip, crostinis. 

Yum. The brie was good. Actually, not sure if you can mess up brie!

My grandmother's Christmas decorations were on display. It's the third Christmas without her, and she's always missed.

My sister literally brought a Christmas gift bag full of jello shots. Yum.

Dogs were exhausted.

Although I'm not a fan of eating it, having Grandma's layered jello is a nice touch.

The pooch preferred the office futon for naps. 

Day after Christmas brought snow. 

Everyone was still stuffed after eating and drinking too much.

A good cup of coffee was lovely the day after. Being able to make it in a few minutes is nice!

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  1. We flew to Pennsylvania from Florida on Christmas Eve. I was a little nervous about the snow ( I haven't driven in it for over 2 years), but all has gone well and we enjoyed a white Christmas. It was wonderful to see family and friends and I LOVED taking a tub bath every night! It makes me happy to see other live-a-boards were able to get back home for the holidays too.